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User Policies for Digital Downloads

Our policies are important in ensuring a positive experience for both users and publishers. Please respect these guidelines. Feel free to check back for updates as these policies are subject to change.


You can download an e-Book and/or other digital information immediately after reaching the Confirmation page, the final part of the purchase process. Click the link to the Download page and then click the link(s) on the file(s) to download.

Once you have purchased an e-Book or other digital document, it is available to you via the download link. This link expires after 5 days.

Download time depends on several factors including the speed of your Internet connection and the size of the file.

Lost or Broken Devices

If you lose your device with the e-Book stored on it, or your device becomes defective, D Media not responsible for providing the content again.


Please view our Privacy Policy for information about how we handle your personal information.


Digital downloads are non-returnable and non-refundable. Please make sure that your device is properly configured to handle the download before you make a purchase.

If the e-Book or digital document does not perform as described, or the content or service is defective, you may return it for a refund if we receive your request within 7 days of purchase. Refunds are not granted in situations of purchase abuse. When a refund is granted, we will remove access to the materials and return your money via the same payment method as originally purchased.

To submit a refund request, please contact Customer Support.


While you have the right to access your e-Book or digital material purchased, please note that the copyright still resides with the e-Book’s rights holder, usually the publisher or author.

Many e-Books are protected under copyright law. For materials that have copyright indicated within the document, we are required to protect them against unauthorized copying, sharing and abuse.

Some digital downloads are completely free of digital rights management. This is because they are either free public-domain e-Books or the rights holder has chosen to provide readers with full access to the content. In these cases, you are free to share, copy and save the materials onto multiple devices.

For all other e-Books, we will implement rights management as required by the publisher or author.

Safety and Security

We understand that downloading materials from an unknown source may be of concern to users. Please know that D Media serves as a respected business in the Dallas, Texas community for over 15 years. We understand how downloads affect the validity of our reputation and would not risk harming our position.  Rest assured, we take great efforts to ensure our digital downloads are free from viral or harmful files. Even if the file download is in a .ZIp or compressed format, most of the e-Books and other digital materials are Acrobat PDF files, Word documents and/or Excel files that do not contain executable code.


Materials that are protected by copyright laws have the copyright indicated within the document. You may not lend or co-own any copyright purchases with others. You must download any files protected under copyright laws onto the device on which you plan to use it. Copyright files are not transferable.